I’ve had my eye on these Tatty Devine workshops for a long time. I have a worryingly large collection of Tatty pieces (jewellery is one of my many vices) and I really liked the idea of making one myself. Here’s what I ended up with.
This will definitely take pride of place in my floral jewellery collection. Since I have a couple of pairs of pliers, I might tinker with it further in future. This is probably my favourite detail.

I think it’s so cute to have a little charm on the leader!
Here are a few more pictures from the workshop. TD provided little bowls of pre-cut flowers and leaves, and we played around with designs. Each piece still has plastic backing on it to protect the acrylic from the laser, then from our sticky fingers (which leave prints). As always I was indecisive about mine. The flowers came in dark pink, light pink and lilac. I knew I definitely wanted to combine the pinks and showcase the three sizes, but I ummed and ahhed over leaf placement.

Next it was time to begin construction. Tatty use sturdy jump rings that need two pairs of pliers to open.

I made a mistake and my necklace was asymmetrical. Then I couldn’t decide which side I liked better.

Surprisingly, the hardest bit was attaching the chain, which we cut to our desired length. The links were smaller than the jump rings, so we had to manipulate the final link so the jump ring could go through. We used pliers plus this tool, which I call ‘the poker’. Does anyone know the real name?

After lots of swearing I managed to bash all the links into the right shape and attach the leader and necklace.
The final step was peeling off the protective film and voila!

Why yes I am wearing an entirely self-made outfit. The tiger’s loving it.