A few weeks ago I found myself desperate to make something (read: trying to work on my thesis) but lacking in craft materials. I dug through my sewing box and found the last scrap of the aida I bought years ago when I discovered subversive cross stitch. I remembered an idea for a project that came to me a while ago. A friend at University had a wonderful book called Mr Concerned’s Talking Book of Therapy. It was a kind of spoof self-help picture book that played a selection of stock phrases when you pressed buttons on the side. Ah, I found a picture! Thanks, internet.


The phrases were read in a typical American ‘analyst’ voice and the phrase we listened to the most, and which I still remember nearly ten years on, was:


I improvised the little floral design using a picture I saw on Tumblr as inspiration. I really like the way the back-stitching looks, it makes the flowers pop much more. The reason the lettering goes over slightly is that this piece of aida was only just big enough for the lettering and I wanted to be able to frame it.

It’s such a shame WordPress doesn’t support GIFs cos I made a cool one that you can look at here.