I’ve been itching to knit a sweater for a few weeks now. I didn’t have a pattern or yarn on mind, but it had to be a jumper and it had to be altered so it would fit me beautifully. I spent a couple of weeks researching. First I found Rolling Rock, a beautiful jumper pattern from a company called Baby Cocktails. I think it’s named after a brand of beer because the beautiful pattern on the back is called bottle lace. I also like to think of the rolling rock that gathers no moss.

The search then began for a yarn that wouldn’t bobble after a few weeks of wear, and in the end I decided to try this gorgeous silk and alpaca mix hand-dyed in Scotland by Old Maiden Aunt Yarns.

Warning for non-knitters: Below the photos will be some semi-technical knitting exposition. Also WIP = Work in Progress.




I added a few mods to account for my non-traditional figure. I cast on in the size that was closest to my upper bust measurement, because I’ve read that this gives the best fit in the shoulders. I then knit different sizes in the front and back to accommodate my bust. I added four vertical darts just under the bust so the jumper would fit closely, then finished knitting in the size closest to my under-bust measurement. Yay knitting maths! One of the best things about top down patterns is that I could try on my jumper throughout the process and make adjustments.

Something else I learned about for this jumper is ease. Seasoned knitters will already know all about this, but ease basically means how closely the clothing will fit. Negative ease gives a tight garment while positive ease will give a loose-fitting or baggy product. I’ve had problems in the past because I didn’t understand this concept. I aimed for about 2 inches of positive ease with this jumper, which is a bit less than recommended in the pattern, but I know my figure and baggy clothing emphasises the fact that I am a bit top-heavy. I’m very pleased with how the waist shaping turned out too. I just started the bottom ribbing today. The sleeves will likely be a bit tiresome but I have to pick up and knit the Henley collar, which will be a bit scary but just the right level of challenge.

I can’t wait to finish this baby!