I’ve only just finished clearing away the Christmas bits and birthday season is upon me in earnest. The lovely Mrs A is considering a Simpsons tattoo so this quotation from the great Hans Moleman seemed apt. I decided to try and design a ‘proper’ papercut, i.e. all made from a single sheet of paper. I made up the fonts as I went along. Although it’s not perfect, I’m pleased with the result.

Here’s the process I used. First I sketched the design on lined paper. Any ‘floating’ elements like my apostrophe and ‘s’ must be attached to the border. First I tried a floral design but it didn’t feel right so I added the glasses.

I drew very heavily in pencil over the final lines so that I could scribble over the back to get a mirror image of the design onto the back of my green paper.

I went over the lines again as they came out unevenly. Then it was time to cut! I did all the smallest parts first so that the paper would be as stable as possible.
Towards the end I was really holding my breath! One slip and you ruin the whole thing.

Then it was just the matter of sticking it to the backing and trimming down.