I only recently remembered about the existence of shrink plastic. I remember having some as a child and really liking it but it hasn’t crossed my mind since. But then I noticed that quite a few people seem to be making cute jewellery out of this stuff so I had to rush out and grab some. Well, go on Amazon and order it. Same diff.
Here’s my favourite thing I made.

Clearly I was in an unusually positive mood as I gave my clouds silver linings. Look how happy the one with the rainbow is! The 5p is there to indicate how teeny these things are. The only thing I would change is that I forgot about the whole gravity thing, so the raindrop hangs upside-down. It needs to be heavier on the bottom.

My first attempt at jewellery was these sketched mushrooms. Before…

… and after


Mushrooms, shiz changing size, smiling things… it was all Alice in Wonderland in my crib last night! I really like the mushrooms but they’re a bit big for my taste. They came out at about 1.5cm, which means they don’t sit nicely on my earlobe. But I did learn that pencil leaves quite a thin and cute line on the shrink plastic, that metallic permanent marker shrinks really well and that white coloured pencil on transparent shrink plastic shows up beautifully.

Now I just need my acrylic sealer to turn up so I can wear these babies out.