For me, the real star of The Artist (apart from Uggie the dog) was the beautiful cloche sported by the leading lady. It was so elegant and seemed to encourage her to hold her head at a very flattering angle. I dreamed of owning such a hat but couldn’t find a good pattern for a knitted cloche and forgot the idea. Until, that is, I saw this post on Ravelry. Here’s my version.


The brim can be flipped up and worn in lots of different ways. I may stitch it down, though, as I like having it asymmetric around my face. This is a nice way to use up a ball of chunky yarn.

I must say that this hat isn’t quite the dream I’d had in mind. I got the ball of black chunky yarn for free and this seemed like a good use for it, but I think the hat would be a little classier if knit in finer yarn. I also would have preferred the moss stitch band to be broader but I didn’t have anymore chunky yarn. I think I’ll have a go at re-knitting it in a different colour once I find some yarn I really love. However, uncia didn’t leave clear instructions for how she completed her hat so I’m proud that I managed to re-create something that at least resembles what I imagined.

If you want to have a go at your own cloche, this is what I did.

Knit your basic beanie. I based my pattern on this one. Since I didn’t want to do the button band bit, I CO 69 (hee hee) sts in the round and knit until my contrast yarn ran out, switched to the main colour and knit until the hat measured around 5in. I evenly decreased 5 sts (k2tog) in line with where my next decreases would be (i.e. k8 k2tog), knit one row plain and then decreased according to the pattern.



This is what the sparkly crown looks like.


I then picked up 71 stitches (don’t know why I got two extra, but never mind) and began knitting down in moss stitch.


Next, I increased (kfb) every 10 stitches, so I had 7 evenly spaced increases. I knit 1 row in pattern, then added a M1 or M1-p between any stitched put out of pattern by the increases. I ended up increasing 11 stitches over these three rows. I wanted my brim longer so knit a couple more rows in pattern, then did another round of kfb increases, this time every 8 stitches. I ended up with 95 total, knit 1 row in pattern and bound off.


I know these notes aren’t very clear, but they may help someone!

I’m ready for my cloche-up, Mr DeMille.



Something about this cloche makes you long to stare into middle distance.