When it comes to photos I’m still rather old-fashioned. Most of my photos are still shot on film, on vintage or retro cameras. Though this is an expensive and inconvenient way of taking pictures, I like the fact that it forces me not to take endless mindless snaps. Of course, for the blog I shoot on my phone. I couldn’t bear to wait for film to be processed before writing up my crafty experiments.

Anyway, because I get prints of most of my pics, I still have the age-old problem of what to do with them. I use a photo album/scrapbook hybrid that lets me have some fun with presenting my memories. For the past few months I’ve been working occasionally on the record of a trip to Las Vegas. Here are a few sample pages.




I like to combine my photos with ephemera and little sketches and notes



I also like to make collages from different photographs


Very pleased with how this pressed rose came out, though I damaged it a bit.