A very lovely friend and fellow knitter gave me this card.


And it’s a very good question. There does seem to be a link between knitting and thinking. When you’re deep in thought, you may find that your brows are knitted together. At the interview for my applied psychology course, I was asked about my support networks and techniques for managing stress and I mentioned knitting. I do find knitting to be a very calming activity. Once you get the hang of it, it’s smoothly repetitive, stitch after stitch gliding off needles, building on previous rows, growing. Turning the chaos of yards of string into the beautiful order of a hat, jumper, or anything else you have the patience and creativity to make.

For me, the calming power of knitting is that it stops me from thinking in a certain way. It’s hard to have disturbing thoughts running around your mind when you’re counting stitches or trying to remember how to do a M1-p. I think it helps with gaining perspective and distance from problems. Creating order and structure in the yarn helps to foster those things in the mind. Thinking means making links between ideas. When you knit, you are literally making hundreds and thousands of links.