I was let down by my cupcake case supplier this week so decided to make my own using grease proof paper. It’s actually pretty easy and you’re left with cases that look rustic and homemade if you’re into that kind of thing. I’m not, but I got over it. Here they are complete with cake.

You will need
Grease proof paper/baking parchment. 2m/yards should be plenty.
Muffin tin. I used a mini one cos I have a crapton of normal cupcake cases.
A round object, preferably with a flat bottom, that fits neatly into the muffin hole. I used a film canister because I still live in the 90s.
Cut out squares of parchment. For a mini case (diameter of bottom, 3cm) a 10cm square is about right.

Lay the square over one of the muffin holes and press it in firmly with your canister, twisting.

This will pleat the paper. Remove the canister, then fold the pleats sharply.

The case may rise from the pan once made, but the weight of the batter will hold it down.