I can hardly express how pleased I am to have finished knitting my Blue Ivy cardigan. Excuse the dodgy photos, I’ll try to get some better ones taken at some point.

I still can’t quite decide whether this counts as my own pattern. I read somewhere that the rule is that it’s your pattern if you make three changes. To Schoodic, I changed the gauge, yarn and needle type, changed the collar and added waist shaping though the construction is pretty similar. Hmm.


Here it is being blocked. The cardigan actually stretched quite a lot when it was wet and I was a bit worried it would end up too big, but it’s fine. You can’t see in this picture, but I put a rolled-up jumper under the front to encourage the garment to lie nicely over my bust. I’m not sure whether it really worked but it was worth trying.


I’m not sure yet whether I’ll write up this pattern. I took a lot of notes so I think I would be able to reproduce it. I’ll see how I wears but if I stay as fond of it as I am now, more colours may be on the way!