A lot of my friends are big cartoon fans and I rely on the to keep me up-to-date (read 5 years behind) on what’s cool in the 2D world. I resisted Adventure Time for a while but now I catch it when I can. I got quite into the creator’s other show, Bravest Warriors, while working on my Boo blanket. Anyway, I thought the designs and colours would translate well into the medium of the iced sugar biscuit and last week I got the chance to make this idea a reality.


Sadly, these came out a bit scruffy as I was pushed for time so the royal icing is pretty bad. The piping icing was too thick and the flood too thin. The worst of both worlds! I sometimes think I should stop making royal icing until I finally have the stand mixer of my dreams, but I’m getting in valuable practice for that glorious day.
For these cookies, this recipe or this one would work really well.

Draw your templates

Find some reference images for your favourite cartoon online and get sketching

Cut your templates out


Roll and chill your cookie dough ready to be cut.

Place your template on the dough and cut around carefully using a sharp knife


It’s also a good idea to use the knife to indent the dough to indicate where detail will need to be piped. This will make your life easier.



At 160C (fan) for 10-14mins, until dry and beginning to darken slightly at the edges.

Leave to cool


Pipe all your outlines

This post gives some more handy hints on working with royal icing.


Flood one colour at a time

Since I only have three small squeeze bottles, I had to change my icing colours as I went along. E.g. one started out white, then I added yellow and pink for Finn’s flesh tone, then more yellow, red and a little blue for Jake’s colour.


Admire (and scoff) your handiwork