This skirt is the second item from the Sewing Shiz with my Mum series. Mum and I were both anxious about making the first garment using this fabric as we didn’t want to ruin it.


Overall, I’m really pleased. I haven’t worn it yet because mum’s lost the buttonhole foot for her sewing machine so it can’t be fastened. I’m going to hand-sew the buttonhole, and I’ve also made a special button (post coming soon) but am putting off starting as I’m worried I’ll destroy the skirt with my ham-fistedness.

Anyway, this isn’t a real how-to again as we didn’t use a pattern, just my mother’s dressmaking expertise. I bought 1.5 metres of fabric as I didn’t know how much we’d need. We only used about half in the end, so I’m on the look-out for a pattern for a little summery blouse to use up the rest.

Fabric cut out

This is what I cut out. We eventually decided that I would make a fitted skirt, so we cut it just larger than my hip measurement plus a seam allowance. I then cut one of the sections in half for the back.


I put four 1.5″ darts into the skirt. Doing darts is such a pain!

The back

I hemmed the back section, leaving the top open for the zip and the bottom open for the slit.

I then put the zip in. Mum has a breadbin full of zips (don’t ask. I’m going to nominate her for the next Channel 4 documentary on hoarders) which included some rather cool ones from the 80s, so I decided to leave the zip exposed. I basted carefully, then used the zip foot to put it in.

Side seams

I sewed up the side seams, which is when I added the shaping. After trying the skirt on, I took in the top so it fit a bit better, and also the bottom to make it more fitted.


The lining had a double function- as well as ensuring that no one will see my bum when I have the skirt on, it will hopefully take some pressure off the slit at the back, making it less likely to rip.

First we cut the lining. It only had one seam, at the back. I was horrified to discover that I had to put darts into the lining so it would match the skirt.

Lining basted at waist band

Here is the lining, basted inside the skirt. I never baste neatly because I am lazy. You can see the folded pleat on the right, which lines up with the dart in the main fabric and leans the opposite way so it won’t look bulky.


I cut out about 4″ of fabric for the waistband…

Iron interfacing to waistband

…ironed on some interfacing…

Iron waistband

…then carefully ironed it in half.

Then it was time for more basting, then attaching and top-stitching the waistband.

I’m very pleased with how the skirt came out, though it’s now been several weeks and I still haven’t worn the skirt as I’m too scared to sew the buttonhole! I’ll reserve that task for next time I have a spare hour or so for craft.

Here it is on, ignore my weird facial expressions. It’s a problem.

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