Pleased with the progress I’ve made with my cardigan so far.

Ribbing done, about 18 rows complete

It’s hard to capture the colour of this yarn with my crummy camera phone. It’s more of an inky indigo than purplish.

I had made much more progress on the stocking stitch section (about 20cm) until I finally tried the cardigan on today and found that it was a bit bulky. I realised that neither of the patterns I’m using as guides includes waist shaping and that just ain’t cool. After wasting an hour trying to add decreases by dropping stitches, I realised there was nothing else for it and, tears in my eyes, frogged about 20 rows.

As my drawer full of seldom-worn knitted garments attests, I simply won’t wear clothes if they’re not right, no matter how much time they took or how nice the yarn is. I think adding waist shaping will make a big difference. Does threatening/shaking your fist at yarn improve the quality of your knitting? I’m banking on yes!

Incidentally, this is how I used a swatch to figure out how to knit the Ivy border section.

Swatch showing pattern development

When I started at the bottom, I just knit the 15 rows of the Growing Leaves pattern. This looked pretty bad, so added i-cord edging on the right hand edge, so the yarn overs wouldn’t look weird (orange box). Although this was better, you can probably see that the flat knitting is curling in on itself. In the yellow box at the top, I added two purl rows before starting the pattern and this fixed the problem.

Normally I never swatch, but this saved me a LOT of frogging as I’d already worked out the kinks in the border before casting on. So I’m not quite so upset about todays ripping section. Quite.