I’ve really enjoyed being able to post so frequently over the past few weeks. However, Monday marks the first day of the third and final year of my doctorate and, given how supremely unproductive I’ve been this summer, it’ll be a tough one. I’ve been trying to be disciplined and schedule a few posts of the various exciting things I’ve made this summer. During term-time I think I’ll aim to update on Thursdays (the day I’m meant to be working on my thesis, but whatevs).

Treated myself to casting on my Blue Ivy Cardi yesterday and have done about an inch of ribbing so far. It was a bit difficult to get my head around the ivy pattern at first as I decided to make it different on the left and right sides so they mirror one another. But I think I’m there now. Looking forward to getting my teeth into this new project.

Sad times and my thoughts to everyone else starting a new term and year tomorrow.