The Great British Sewing Bee inspired me to try sewing. I’ve sewed quite a few projects over the years, including my knitting needle roll, which is one of the most useful things I’ve ever made. But I’ve never made a garment. Perhaps having a professional seamstress for a mother brought up my latent issues with competition. Who knows?
Anyway, so one of my goals this summer was to make a skirt from scratch. Here’s what I ended up with.

Side shot

Now, I’m going to regard this as a practice garment. After the crafternoon when I made the tag for my blanket, Anna and I went to Ray-Stitch in Islington, where I stood and gaped at beautiful fabrics for far longer than was appropriate. But eventually I found some beautiful fabric, which I promptly forgot to photograph and then left at my mum’s. Mother-daughter sewing lesson 2 will consist of me feeling anxious about destroying said gorgeous fabric.
Back to the skirt. It actually started life as a dress after Jane and I went to a sewing workshop.

Front shot no belt Full shot from front with belt Side shot with belt

Although it looked okay when worn with a belt, the neckline of this dress made me feel like some kind of peasant. I was seriously tempted to head down to the river and beat washing against rocks. Or something.


I was pleased to be able to do my first dart, though.

Pinned dart Sewn dart


I foolishly thought that converting the skirt would only take a couple of hours. But there was a lot of work involved- cutting the skirt, measuring- it was 8 inches too big- taking it in, adding a zip, putting in four darts, realising that we’d mispositioned the darts, repositioning the darts, adding a sidesplit, making and attaching the waistband. It actually took about 4-5 hours.

Zip pinned Side view zip Split

Front with darts

PS. I am going to look for somewhere better to take full-length pictures!