but when I do, I go for it! This is a card that I made for my previous supervisor at work, who is widely believed to have a condition called ‘musical Tourette’s’, which, tragically, isn’t nearly as amusing as it sounds.


I think it came out okay, but I really must invest in some nicer paper. Everything I have has been either recycled or ‘borrowed’ from one place or another so the quality is variable and the colours aren’t amazing. Were I to do this again, I would also change the orientation of the card to landscape as the bars of music would look much better if they were longer.

This isn’t a proper how-to as I made this very late at night and so forgot to take very many pictures. I started out with a couple of sketches, which I turned into templates.


Using some reference images of music, I drew the bars straight onto my backing card, outlined in nice black marker, and forgot to rub out the pencil marks. Oops.


I cut the letters using a combination of craft knife and scissors. My knife skills still need a lot of work and I find it very hard to cut curves using the knife, especially when cutting through two layers of paper (template and coloured card) at once.

You can’t really tell from the photo, but the notes are raised from the surface of the paper using adhesive squares, which looked pretty good. I was too tired to ensure that the notes made up ‘proper’ music (plus I haven’t read sheet music in 10 years and I wasn’t great back then either) otherwise I would have made some kind of witty musical pun, maybe by arranging the notes as ‘Smack my bitch up’, ’99 problems’ or an equally inappropriate song. Interesting that the first two tunes that came to mind are pretty misogynistic. Don’t analyse that too closely…