After having all the equipment in my Amazon basket for months, I finally decided to take the plunge and try out papercutting. The deer in the forest design is partly taken from the book I bought, The Crafter’s Guide to Papercutting and also a cool t-shirt I spotted on Threadless.


Papercutting is a nice craft to take up as the equipment is cheap and readily available.

To make this, I used:

  • A craft knife
  • A self-healing cutting mat
  • A steel rule
  • Paper that I had lying around anyway
  • Glue

The materials to start could be purchased for under £10. I have now invested in some spray adhesive as well because the cheap glue stick I used isn’t holding up too well. I know that off-brand glue is a false economy but I still got sucked in!

Anyway, the yellow back ground is a piece of paper I painted yellow for another project. The templates for the three sets of background trees were in the book I mentioned above.

Two sets of trees cut out

I designed the deer silhouette, sketching it out first.

Deer template cut up

I masking taped this template to black paper and tried to cut through both layers…

Black scored

and didn’t quite manage.

A few more slices of the knife later and I had

Silhouette cut out


I’ll probably give this away as a card, but a friend pointed out that this would also look great in a shadow box. You could use some glue dots or adhesive squares between the layers to provide additional depth.

More cuts coming soon!