This post is brought to you by the rather wonderful Felt Mistress without whom Eugene would never have been created. Which would be bad. Just look at the little guy

Done shot with flash

He really makes a mockery of the phrase “Don’t play with fire”. Note: I do not recommend playing with actual fire.

This isn’t a complete how-to but he was actually very easy to make. I used a template for the front and back, cut from felt. I then cut progressively smaller outlines in different colours of red and orange to create the flame effect.

Ready to start sewing

Due to lack of time, I glued the pieces together with fabric glue. It really doesn’t look bad, and the stitching would have taken ages but would also be a bit more secure (and would have satisfied my inner perfectionist a bit more). The eyes are generic safety ones. It took a lot of fighting with a knitting needle to make a hole in all four layers of fabric (and glue) but it was worth it.

I learned blanket stitch for this project. It takes much longer than running stitch and uses around double the thread, but looks great.

Partially sewn

Next it was time for Eugene to get stuffed.

I left a gap of around 3 inches for this purpose.

Getting stuffed

And that’s all she wrote.

BackDone shot in sun

I think this could be a really fun holiday project to do with kids, as long as they have the patience and dexterity for the sewing. If not, they could do all the cutting and glueing, then an adult could machine stitch the edges.