Something else I’ve been doing while not updating my blog is working on my bread baking skillz. I’ve mostly been experimenting with this recipe, trying to adapt it using wholemeal flour. My attempts have met with varying success, though none of the loaves have been so bad that I didn’t eat them.

For my first attempt, I used 100% wholemeal flour in place of white. I also added some skimmed milk powder following a suggestion on a forum.

Brown bread provingBaked brown bread

You can see in the blurry pic that this loaf didn’t rise well. I’m guessing this is because there’s not enough gluten in the flour. My food science ain’t great. I also made rolls with the other half of the dough.

Brown roll

They turned out a bit better (but my camera still didn’t like them). This loaf also had a very brown taste- kind of like tannin. I read in another forum (yes, I consult multiple bread fora. What of it?) that adding orange juice instead of water can counteract this, so I might try that next time.

My subsequent experiments have all used a combination of white and wholemeal flour. The rise isn’t as good as with all white, but about two cups of wholemeal still make for a tasty bread that is a little healthier. Somehow I have failed to take any pictures of my Bread 3.0, but I have a loaf safely stowed in the freezer so I’ll update once I’ve baked it.

Baked with slice close up


Update: Here it is!

I’m not sure whether this was the impact of the freezer, or just my poor kneading skills but this bread didn’t rise very well although it proved nicely and I don’t think it over-rose then. Oh well, it still tasted good.

Slightly proved Well risen Close up baked Baked with slice close up