Every time I knit a jumper, I swear that I will never knit another. Here is the outcome of such a resolution, made after finishing a top-down cabled and fitted jumper.

Better modelling

Classy mirror selfie for you there.

If you’re not already familiar with it, Rowan Kidsilk Haze is possibly the most wonderful yarn ever created. Kidsilk Haze Glamour kicks it up a notch by adding sequins. In my opinion, there are few things on this planet that aren’t improved by the addition of sparkles. I’m just planning my next project using this glorious yarn and looking forward to getting my needles into it.

This is a Kim Hargreaves pattern from Vintage Knits. I dispensed with the i-cord tie at the neck as I thought it was a little frumpy.

Here are a few pics from various stages.

Back first pic

Just a few rows in. I knitted my jumper on birch needles, which I also can’t recommend highly enough.

Back finished

The back finished, i.e. about a quarter of the way through.

Sewing up

Sewing up! Always nerve-wracking.

Finished sewn

My baby with all her ends sewn in. Ready for one of the most satisfying stages…


blocking. I followed the instructions pretty closely on this one, apart from varying the width of the stripes and adding in the sparkles. It came up rather short, which is unusual for me. Blocking made a big difference, and I will re-block when the jumper needs washing, to stretch it further.

Overall, I’d recommend this pattern. It’s simple enough to knit in front of the telly and was relatively quick given how fine the yarn is.