This isn’t really a how-to as the pattern for these wonderful convertible gloves is available on Knitty. Convertible gloves have saved me a fortune in replacement gloves over the past few years. You don’t have to take them off to use your phone!

Finished back flap up

I used the needle sizes recommended in the pattern, and two 50g balls of Regia 4-ply self-striping sock yarn in Anthracite. You can see my marvellous array of double-pointed needles in the pics below. I absolutely love birch needles at the moment.

Here is the right glove in various orientations, with the mitten shell up and down. It’s like porn, isn’t it?

Finished front flap upFinished back flap down Finished front flap down

You, too, can tease strangers with titillating glimpses of fingertip. The gloves fit pretty well, my hands are on the large side for a lady. They are a little bit baggy around the palm, but I can live with that. This pattern note on Ravelry is also very handy if you don’t understand how to reverse a pattern for the opposite hand.

Here are some pics showing my progress at various stages. I mostly knitted these on a long-haul flight. I couldn’t recommend this more to help pass the dull hours between unpleasant food. I normally watch kids’ movies while I knit- anything more complex and either my knitting would suffer or I would lose the plot. Additional bonus: I have now caught up on every Disney and Pixar film for the past couple of years.

Right cuff finishedLeft thumb just started backGlove finished palmFlap picked up

I’d probably say that the hardest bit was picking up the stitches for the mitten shell. It required an awful lot of patience and a steady hand. The fingers were actually quite easy, so I’d say a mitten is certainly no harder to knit than a sock.

Beginning the flapLeft very nearly finished

The second hardest bit was sewing in all those fiddly little ends. Man, I hate sewing up! But overall, I would highly rate this project.